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Study shows which phishing attacks most successful
February 11, 2018

Study shows which phishing attacks most successful

People are very predictable when it comes to designing phishing attacks that appeal to a potential victims with people most likely to click on messages concerning money.

A recent KnowBe4 study sent phishing test emails to roughly 6 million and found users were most likely to click on the mock phishing emails when they promised money or threatened the loss of money. People were also likely to fall for phishing attacks appealing to their appetite offering free food or drinks, emails that evoked the fear of missing out on non-monetary opportunities and attacks that appealed to basic curiosity such as new contact requests or photo tags.

Researchers also saw an increased click rate with certain email subjects as well with missed deliveries and false security notifications gaining the most clicks. The top subject lines of included “A Delivery Attempt Was Made” with an 18 percent click rate, “UPS Label Delivery 1ZBE312TNY00015011” with a 16 percent click rate, “Change of Password Required Immediately” with a 15 percent click rate, “Unusual sign-in activity” with a 9 percent click rate, and “Happy Holidays! Have a drink on us.” With an 8 percent click rate [……]

Read the rest of the article at: https://www.scmagazine.com/study-shows-most-clicked-phishing-attempts/article/743513/


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