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Online Trust Alliance IoT Security & Privacy Trust Framework
February 19, 2018

Online Trust Alliance IoT Security & Privacy Trust Framework

The Internet of Things (IoT) offer consumers, businesses, and governments across the globe countless benefits. As is true with most emerging technology, however, there remain some significant challenges. The Online Trust Alliance (OTA), an Internet Society initiative, believes that through leadership, innovation, and collaboration, we can overcome these challenges and create a safer and more trustworthy connected world. This requires a shared responsibility including industry embracing security and privacy by design and adopt responsible privacy practices.

The OTA IoT Trust Working group has developed the IoT Security & Privacy Trust Framework, including a set of required and recommended strategic principles necessary to help secure IOT devices and their data when shipped and throughout their entire life-cycle.

In 2018, we at the Internet Society have committed to building greater awareness on why the OTA IoT Trust Framework matters, and how this globally accepted set of standards supports the fullest realization of the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT). You can find a link to the IoT Security & Privacy Trust Framework v2.5 here.


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