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Online Trust Alliance (OTA) IoT Security and Privacy Framework

Online Trust Alliance (OTA) IoT Security and Privacy Framework

The  Internet of Things (IoT) offer consumers, businesses, and governments across the globe countless benefits. As is true with most emerging technology, however, there remain some significant challenges. These challenges include security, privacy, interoperability, legal, and ethical issues.

Unfortunately, there is a mad rush to the marketplace by manufacturers with little to no consideration of ‘security by design’ principles. The general sentiment has been, “Let the security guys take care of security; we’ll focus on making a great product!” However, is a product truly great if it does not provide robust security and maintain the privacy of individuals?

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA), an Internet Society initiative, strongly believes that through leadership, innovation, and collaboration, we can overcome these challenges and create a safer and more trustworthy connected world. This requires a shared responsibility including industry embracing security and privacy by design and adopting responsible privacy practices.

Their IoT Security and Privacy Framework is an excellent resource for building an IoT ecosystem based on trust and innovation.

Check it out now at: https://otalliance.org/initiatives/internet-things


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