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ISACA issues new audit programs for blockchain, CASBs and GDPR

ISACA issues new audit programs for blockchain, CASBs and GDPR

Auditors face an onslaught of new technologies, systems and regulations to incorporate into assessments. New audit programs from global technology association ISACA give auditors additional frameworks for toolkits to provide assurance for blockchain, cloud access security brokers (CASBs) and the EU GDPR.

The Blockchain Preparation Audit Program helps organizations manage the preparation for using blockchain technology–the underlying distributed network system often associated with the decentralized cryptocurrency, bitcoin–found in applications across myriad industries. 

Covering all aspects of blockchain, from pre-implementation, governance, development, security, transactions and consensus, this program guides auditors in identifying and developing key policies, procedures and controls to mitigate risk and streamline processes prior to a blockchain implementation and includes a blockchain technology audit preparation program worksheet [….]

You can read the entire article at: https://t.co/ldlC8HPMJu (HelpNet Security)


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