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Advisory Services

Above and beyond a checklist of questions and textbook recommendations, our Advisory Services team assists you in identifying and developing the necessary core competencies for an advanced, effective cybersecurity program in your organization’s particular environment and pertaining to your most relevant threats.

Consequently, your organization can improve its capabilities to predict the tools and techniques of threat actors; defend where feasible; detect attacks that breach your defenses; and respond swiftly.

We can help you answer the following questions:

  • Are Executive Management and Board Directors fostering a culture of security awareness?
  • Are the Board, Executives, Internal Audit and Human Resources leaders aware of cyber risks and business impacts?
  • Where are we on the maturity curve with regards to cybersecurity best practices?
  • Is our CISO a business leader, a security leader, or both?
  • Is our level of expenditure tied to the organization’s highest risk exposures, cybersecurity objectives and IT-business alignment roadmap?

How Does This Work?

Our Advisory Services are focused on guiding and advising customers on how to make their digital innovation and IT-enabled business activities more secure. We provide you with up-to-date security knowledge and advanced technical solutions that suit your unique circumstances.
We assess your ‘current state’, assist you in defining and prioritizing your goals, and recommend the optimal ways toward meeting your objectives. We give you a solid perspective of your security capabilities maturity level, in comparison to industry best-of-breed.

Many organizations are not ready to hire a full-time CISO or don’t fully know what the remit of a successful CISO would look like within their organization context. These organizations still need the strategic leadership and knowledge a traditional CISO can impart on the overall security strategy.

Our consultants know what it’s like to lead a security function, how to build executive and board alliances, and manage strategic or tactical program execution for continuous risk and compliance management.

For years, CISOs have been struggling to get the board’s attention, to get a slot on the board meeting agenda. When they are granted the opportunity, many have struggled to grasp the structure and briefness of their cybersecurity presentation slot within a Board meeting and what is generally valued and actionable from a Board’s point of view.
Our Board and Executive Briefing Services help CISOs and security leadership deliver a crisp, concise and risk-focused presentation based on key factors such as the background and goals of the audience, security awareness of the audience, and cybersecurity alignment with strategic objectives, among others.
A vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) offers all the benefits of a full-time security executive with greater resources available to your organization. A CISO as-a-service (CaaS) initiative may be an ideal fit for your organization as it relates to mitigating cybersecurity risks and implementing world-class information security across the organization, while simultaneously lowering costs.
A couple of the numerous tasks vCISOs can perform include managing your cybersecurity team, interfacing with senior management and board directors, leading all facets of security policy, and overseeing your security infrastructure. With greater moves by businesses to outsource specialist functions such as HR and back office, maybe it’s time to look at InfoSec?

Our cyber and information security due diligence services help you to identify and analyze critical areas, determining any security and risk gaps while providing advice on how these can be addressed or mitigated. We can undertake a pertinent combination of security discovery, assessment and analysis depending on management’s desire to understand exposure and level of risk tolerance.

Working with Octave Consulting’s global cybersecurity experts allows your organization to have the confidence that any transaction is performed with fullest visibility and understanding of existing risks and future liabilities and costs.

Effective security operations require appropriate planning. We help you define and design your overall cybersecurity strategy and provide guidance on how to evolve your cybersecurity program.

Our security maturity assessment gives you a high-level understanding of your ‘current state’ and detailed recommendations for improvement.

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