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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is critical for organizations to stay on top of common vulnerabilities and exposures in their environment. It involves putting the people, processes, and technology in place to identify holes that can be used during an attack and close them before a breach occurs.

However, it’s more than simply running scans and finding vulnerabilities; it requires the creation of processes around effective remediation and ensuring that the most critical items are addressed first. What businesses do with the data from vulnerability scanning is more important than simply discovering exposures.

Our experts work with you to develop processes that permit a continuous overview of vulnerabilities in your IT environment and the risks that accompany them. Typical areas we cover are outlined below.

  • Discovery and identification of assets.
  • Classification and prioritization of assets.
  • Develop scanning policies and run vulnerability scans.
  • Analysis of false positives / false negatives.
  • Delivery of detailed reporting and creation of management dashboard.
  • Remediate vulnerabilities.
  • Conduct assurance to ensure vulnerabilities have been remediated.

What Does Octave Consulting Offer?

There’s a lot that we bring to our vulnerability management engagements. We make sure that you have the right vulnerability management tool to automate scans and get the right information to the right people, whether that’s the CIO, ISO, or system administrator. As your security program evolves, we enable you to integrate your vulnerability management processes with other important IT-related processes – Enhancing your capabilities to manage threats across your environment.

We provide extensive guidance on designing and implementing your vulnerability management program, from developing the overarching policy to selecting the right vulnerability scanning tool through triage, prioritization and remediation of vulnerabilities. Our consultants also ensure that your vulnerability management processes are integrated with other process areas such as patch and upgrade management, change management, configuration management and others.

We also offer onsite workshops to accelerate your project. If you are unable to undertake the project yourself, and our guided implementation is insufficient, we offer affordable onsite delivery of your vulnerability management project. During our workshops, we take you through every phase of the project and ensure that you have a clear roadmap in place to successfully implement your program.

Leading edge vulnerability scanners are employed to fully analyze your IT environment. This process uncovers missing patches, misconfigurations, unsupported software, unneeded open services, and common vulnerabilities and exploits, among other things. The information is then used to formulate a remediation plan to eliminate the identified threats or mitigate them to a tolerable risk level.

Octave Consulting associates perform validation of the discovered vulnerabilities, and remove all false-positives. They then develop a management report to present to clients, which can also include an executive dashboard if required.

A penetration test is basically conducting activities that simulate as precisely as possible the impact that cyber attacks will have on your business. It is a simulation of a real-world attack against your IT assets utilizing similar tools and techniques of cyber criminals. This is done by understanding threat actors, their capabilities, motivations and targets and compromising your systems with the exact methods they would use.

Penetration testing can be an important element of your cybersecurity program with the right capabilities and timing. It can be a valuable experience for businesses that have never dealt with a real world cyber attack. It can also assist in the discovery of cybersecurity program gaps or additional risks within the context of a realistic simulation.

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